Make the medical burden of menopause optional

Menopause severely impacts life expectancy.

Despite the fact that over 1 billion women will experience menopause by 2025, few effective treatments exist. In addition to debilitating symptoms, menopause is associated with increased risk of numerous conditions, including osteoporosis, dementia, depression, heart disease, and, as recently shown, Alzheimer’s Disease.

Menopause is not a biological imperative.

The drastic reduction in estrogen levels and other hormonal changes lead to the numerous symptoms of menopause and the risk of other conditions.

We are developing Ameno, a cell-based therapeutic to disassociate the unwanted effects of menopause that occur with the loss of fertility.

Integrates directly with the chemical conversation taking place in the body.
Responds to signals from the brain and ovaries.
Tunes the levels of hormones released to each individual's system needs.


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