Test & develop drugs for ovarian disease

Many of today’s drugs have not been tested in women.

Clinical trials have only been required to include women since 1993. Many products used today are understudied in women, leading to severe side effects and lack of efficacy.

It’s also common to see women of childbearing age excluded from clinical trials, contributing to disparities in health outcomes.

Diseases of the female reproductive system have particularly poor animal models, as many of these diseases and conditions don’t occur naturally in animals. These diseases typically have no targeted treatments, leaving patients struggling with symptoms.

An organoid model of the female reproductive system.

We have developed Deovo, an engineered human reproductive system to improve the drug development process for women.

Deovo is an organoid platform of the female reproductive system for disease modeling, drug discovery, and safety testing.

Our goal is more efficient development of therapeutics designed for the female reproductive system, as well as safety screening for all drugs entering clinical trials.

Ovarian Toxicity Screening
Precision Medicine Drug Development
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Epigenetic Modeling across Organ Systems


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