Clinical Use

For the Lab:

Fertilo easily integrates into laboratory workstreams with an embryology protocol that any embryologist can easily learn.

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Embryologists that have used Fertilo have ranked the protocol as very easy to use.

For Physicians:

Fertilo would allow physicians to offer an better option for their patients. Fertilo improves the efficacy of IVM so that it provides a viable alternative to conventional stimulation.

Fertilo involves 0-3 days of gonadotropin injections prior to retrieval of immature oocytes and in vitro maturation with Fertilo, reducing the necessary monitoring and protecting patients from the risks and side effects of lengthy systemic hormonal stimulation. Gameto provides extensive instructions and training resources to our clinical partners. To find out more, register your interest in partnership below.

Fertilo Protocol Overview

Fertilo effectively matures oocytes in vitro, allowing clinics to adopt an efficient minimal stimulation protocol:

For Fertilo's full data package, see Landmark Research

Our Partners

Gameto has partnered with global clinics to collaborate on Fertilo studies and commercialization.
The prelude Network
Extend Fertility
Ovation fertility

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