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Current fertility treatments are hard on women physically, professionally, and financially

Physically: Women are subject to ~two weeks of hormonal injections, which can cause complications, side effects, and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.
Professionally: Women often miss work and everyday activities due to frequent clinic visits and medical side effects.
Financially: IVF is expensive. The average woman must go through 3+ cycles to have a baby.

While IVF has been a science success story, the fertility drug market is an outdated industry that no longer serves the modern woman or family. With nearly half of the women in the US never reaching their maternity goals, there is an unmet need for innovation

Sources: SART; CDC; World Bank; Gallup.

Fertilo: Making IVF and egg freezing shorter, safer, and more effective.

Maturing eggs outside the body could reduce the need for hormonal injections, improving the patient experience and safety while maintaining efficacy.

By making these processes easier and less expensive, Fertilo could lower barriers to adoption of IVF and egg freezing, unlocking more of the market and helping more families reach their reproductive goals.
Fertilo may facilitate a better way of doing IVF and egg freezing:
More natural
More Comfortable
More Accessible
Fertilo, in-depth

Fertilo uses ovarian supporting cells to mature oocytes outside of the body with the goal of improving IVF and egg freezing.


Fertilo recreates an ovarian environment using young ovarian support cells (OSCs), maturing eggs through dynamic feedback during a ~1 day co-culture. Fertilo replicates the eggs’ natural maturation in a healthy, young body, yielding healthy, mature eggs.


Fertilo is an engineered line of ovarian supporting cells that aid egg maturation, developed by reprogramming iPSCs. These cell types behave like the body's own cells, producing and responding to all key hormones.

Complete Signalling Environment

​​Ovaries age faster than the rest of a woman’s body. Today’s high injection paradigm attempts to boost a signaling environment that is often already impaired, requiring excessive hormone doses to yield mature eggs and causing painful and extensive side effects.

Fertilo treats the eggs directly, efficiently yielding healthy eggs that are ready for fertilization and protecting the patient against systemic hormonal stimulation.

For Fertilo's published scientific and clinical research, see Landmark Research


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