Fertilo: Fertility for You

Fertilo would move the egg maturation process outside of the body, allowing for a shorter, easier, and more accessible cycle, on your terms. With a Fertilo cycle, patients would receive minimal stimulation, physicians intentionally retrieve immature eggs, and the eggs mature in the lab supported by Fertilo.

The concept of maturing eggs outside of the body, called in vitro maturation (IVM), is not new and not considered experimental. Thousands of babies have been born by IVM since 1991. Fertilo would make IVM more effective and, therefore, an acceptable treatment option for more women.

How does it work?

1. Shortened Hormonal Stimulation:

Patients would receive only up to 3 days of stimulation in a Fertilo cycle. Fewer hormones means fewer side effects, less time spent at the clinic, and an easier experience.
2. Egg Retrieval:

Eggs would be retrieved during a short, outpatient procedure at the fertility clinic, just like in a a conventional cycle
3. Egg Maturation with Fertilo:

Immature eggs would be placed in a dish with Fertilo for ~1 day. Fertilo mimics a young ovarian environment, replicating the body’s natural maturation process by responding to eggs’ needs and producing necessary hormones and nutrients. 
4. Fertilization or Freezing:

The rest of the cycle will be exactly the same as conventional stimulation. Eggs are frozen for future use in the case of egg freezing or fertilized for IVF.

What are patients saying about Fertilo?

Patients who have undergone the Fertilo protocol as part of trials have reported overwhelmingly positive experiences:

Among patients who underwent both a Fertilo and conventional cycle, 92% of patients would repeat the Fertilo cycle, while only 77% would repeat the conventional cycle.
Patients reported an 80% reduction in overall symptoms among patients who have undergone both cycle types
A significant difference was observed in the severe pain levels experienced by patients following the conventional and minimal stimulation cycles, with patients reporting 38% and 8%, respectively 

Where can I access Fertilo?

Fertilo is not yet approved in the United States. We are pleased to share that the FDA has provided tentative approval for our company to proceed to Phase 3 trial, subject to the completion of specific assay qualifica

Fertilo can be accessed ex-US in Australia and Latin America. Register your interest below to learn more.

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