Advancing reproductive health technologies.

Through cell engineering, Gameto is developing an ecosystem
of therapeutics to support modern women throughout
their reproductive journeys.


Women are born with all of the eggs they will ever have. As women age, the number and quality of these eggs decline. The relative decline leads to infertility, and the absolute decline causes menopause.

This decline is not a biological imperative. Only humans and four types of whales experience menopause, meaning that studying the female reproductive system is challenging.

Unfortunately, women's reproductive health is an underdeveloped area within the healthcare industry. Inclusion of women in clinical trials was not required until 1993. Therefore, many modern-day products are understudied in women, resulting in lack of understanding and efficacy, and potentially leading to severe side effects.

Gameto is working to fill this gap in the industry with therapies that will not only improve the female reproductive journey, but improve lives.


Gameto has developed a platform to produce female reproductive cell lines. We use proprietary cell engineering to generate ovarian cell lines that mimic the functions of reproductive system cells, producing and responding to all hormones.

Our team of engineers is using this platform to build a portfolio of treatments for women’s health.

Gameto is advancing the first application of this platform, Fertilo, a technology designed to improve assisted fertility outcomes.

Induced pluripotent stem cells
Cell engineering
Female reproductive cell types
Organoid of the female reproductive system
The platform allows us to generate solutions for the female reproductive system

Clinical Applications

We are focused on improving fertility care outcomes, but what we are currently doing for infertility, we will soon do for drug development, menopause, and more...

Fertilo (lead program)

Improve outcomes of  IVF and other assisted fertility methods


Test & develop drugs for ovarian disease


Make the medical burden of menopause optional

Relevant Publications:


To improve outcomes of  IVF


To test and develop drugs for ovarian disease


To make the medical burden of menopause optional


We are working on applications that address women’s reproductive health, including assisted fertility outcomes, ovarian disease, menopause, and more.