Advancing reproductive health technologies.

Through our cell engineering platform, we are developing cell therapies that target disease and drive cutting-edge research in the field.

Improve assisted fertility outcomes
Make the medical burden of menopause optional
Test & develop drugs for ovarian disease


Using cellular engineering, we have developed a platform to produce female reproductive cell lines. We use proprietary combinations of transcription factors to generate engineered ovarian cell lines that mimic the functions of endogenous cells, producing and responding to all hormones.

Our team of cellular engineers is using this platform to advance a portfolio of cellular therapeutics for female reproductive diseases.

Induced pluripotent stem cells
Cell engineering
Female reproductive cell types
Organoid of the female reproductive system
The platform allow us to generate cellular therapeutics for the female reproductive system


To improve outcomes of  IVF


To test and develop drugs for ovarian disease


To make the medical burden of menopause optional

Our Programs

We are working on applications that address women’s health, including assisted fertility outcomes, ovarian disease, menopause, and more.